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Sustainability connects intimately with technology, artificial intelligence, and ultimately, with you. Written to inform a range of people from sustainability and ESG professionals to individuals who want to learn about these topics at a greater depth than available in most other publications. Each post will also include important information for business owners and executives to improve the long-term value of their companies. While striving for relevance, I will also be writing about some fun stuff! My goal is to have you excited to read each week’s post, and to learn something interesting and important every time. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website.

I have spent decades in the investing world as a software developer, a researcher, a trader, a portfolio manager, an ESG pioneer, a quant, a risk manager, a leader, a mentor, a strategic planner, an executive, and as a Board member. I will draw on my decades of experience to help you in your quest learn. Ultimately, although I may mention and interview people at specific companies, I will not recommend specific investments, nor should anything I write here be construed as investment advice.

As a reader, what you can expect from STAY is four articles per month on relevant topics regarding the everchanging world of sustainability and technology. This blog’s content will vary from discussions around book excerpts, reports on recent conferences, interviews, and a number of other diverse and relevant topics adhering to the blog’s ultimate goal: to foster the relationship between you and the surrounding world of science and technology. In addition, I will provide links to other recent and relevant research, books, cool developments, news, and upcoming events to keep you informed about the space. (Note that some may be behind paywalls). I cannot promise I will respond to every comment, but I will say that each Founding Member of STAY will receive a call from me thanking you, asking about your specific interests, and answering any questions you have, personally.

Thank you for joining me on this journey from corporate America to my laptop, where I now return to some of my earliest roots of writing research. It’s going to be fun!

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