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AI, Blockchain, and the Law with Tobias Jensen

AI, Blockchain, and the Law with Tobias Jensen

The future of AI looks better than the future of lawyers...

In the STAY Sustainable podcast, our host, Alec Crawford, Founder and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Risk, Inc. interviews guests about Sustainability, Technology, Artificial Intelligence and relates that to You.

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In this episode, Tobias Mark Jensen, head of legal at the Nordic Blockchain Association and blog author of The Futuristic Lawyer, discusses his journey in the legal field and his fascination with AI. He shares insights on the impact of AI on the job market and the ethical questions surrounding its use.

Tobias also talks about his role at the Nordic Blockchain Association and his plans for the future. The conversation covers topics such as Copenhagen as a foodie destination, the power of now, the book Homo Sapiens, and the potential of AI for good.

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  • AI has the potential to disrupt the job market, and lawyers should experiment with AI tools while being cautious of their limitations.

  • Humans using AI ("centaurs") used to win chess matches. Now, humans just make AI worse.

  • The intersection of technology and law is an exciting space to explore, and understanding the ethical implications of AI is crucial.

  • Copenhagen has become an epicenter for gourmet dining with world-renowned restaurants like Noma and Geranium.


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