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AI for CFOs with Ashok Manthena, Founder & CEO of ChatFin

AI for CFOs with Ashok Manthena, Founder & CEO of ChatFin

AI for CFOs and their teams is here now!

Our host, Alec Crawford, interviews Ashok Manthena, CEO & Founder of ChatFin, and a Google and Gap alumni. Ashok founded Chatfin in April of 2023 to help CFOs and their teams automate their processes using AI, including natural language processing tools, similar to Chat GPT for finance!

They cover everything from Ashok’s MBA, to his roles at Con Edison, Google and the Gap, all the way to his new startup venture. See the books, movies and links from the episode below!


Gandhi, Mahatma. (2020) The Story of My Experiments with Truth.


Gandhi (1982), starting Ben Kingsley

Interstellar (2014), starring Matthew McConaughey



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