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Ethical AI Now! Aco Momcilovic, President of the Global AI Ethics Institute

Ethical AI Now! Aco Momcilovic, President of the Global AI Ethics Institute

Ethical AI will be crucial for our future. Aco covers this topic, along with everything from AI art to HR!

In this episode, our host, Alec Crawford, Founder and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Risk, Inc. interviews Aco Momcilovic, Future HR owner and the co-founder and President of the Global AI Ethics Institute. Aco shares his insights on various topics, including his career in human resources, his interest in artificial intelligence, and the AI Art Singularity project. He also discusses the threats and dangers of AI, the need for global cooperation in AI governance, and the importance of using AI for good.

This episode was produced and engineered by Troutman Street Audio. You can find them on LinkedIn.


  • A career in human resources provides opportunities to work with people and be creative.

  • Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly impact society and the global economy.

  • Global cooperation and ethical considerations are crucial in the development and regulation of AI.

  • Using AI for good can lead to innovation and positive societal outcomes.



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