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Verifiable ESG with Doug Parker, CEO of Ecolumix and Former EPA Head of Enforcement

Verifiable ESG with Doug Parker, CEO of Ecolumix and Former EPA Head of Enforcement

The EPA's enforcement priorities this year include climate and prepared!

Our host, Alec Crawford interviews high profile guests at the intersection of sustainability, technology and AI for you in the STAY Sustainable podcast. In this episode, he interviews Doug Parker, Founder and CEO of Ecolumix, a company providing verified ESG data on their platform, shares Doug’s career journey from being a history major to working in environmental law enforcement and eventually founding his own company. He discusses the mission of Ecolumix, which focuses on using data analytics to help companies identify and manage environmental risks. Parker also provides insights into the enforcement priorities of the EPA and the future plans for Ecolumix. He offers advice for entrepreneurs and discusses the importance of transparency and involvement of corporate boards in environmental management.


  • Data analytics can be a powerful tool for identifying and managing environmental risks.

  • Benchmarking against peers is an effective way for companies to assess their environmental performance.

  • The EPA's enforcement priorities for 2024 include climate change and PFAS.

  • Building a culture of transparency and providing a relief valve for employees to speak up is crucial for effective environmental management.


Doug Parker, CEO, Ecolumix

Doug is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ecolumix, an ESG data intelligence and advisory company that measures corporate environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance. At Ecolumix, Doug leads the team in the development and deployment facility-level EHS data insights for clients related to benchmarking, supply chain evaluation, and due diligence. The Ecolumix team also works with corporate clients and law firms to advise them on EHS compliance and ESG strategy. 

Doug formerly served as the Director of the EPA's Criminal Investigation Division overseeing a nationwide team of criminal investigators and matters related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal, and the agency’s analytics-driven criminal enforcement initiatives. He has also advised dozens of companies on complex enforcement matters and served as an independent compliance monitor. He received his B.A. from Colby College and M.A. in Public Policy from Georgetown University.,from%20cancer%2Dcausing%20coal%20ash.

Books, Movies

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This is Spinal Tap (1984)


Please note that Alec Crawford has a financial interest in Ecolumix and sits on their advisory board.

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