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The Future of Napa Valley with Mark Neal, Vintner, Founder and Owner

The Future of Napa Valley with Mark Neal, Vintner, Founder and Owner

Sustainability tastes amazing at the Neal family vineyards

Alec interviews Mark Neal, Vintner, Founder and Owner of Neal Family Vineyards.


We talk about decades of Napa Valley’s history, Mark’s mission to bring sustainability to winemaking in Napa Valley, and the future. Mark answers many of our questions, including:

  • What’s the difference between biodynamic and organic farming?

  • Should we be concerned about the Cabernet Sauvignon monoculture in Napa Valley?

  • Will there be a solution to smoke taint caused by fires?

  • What are some different varietals being grown in Napa valley now?

  • Is the WSET wine diploma underrated?

  • Should you be your own boss?

Here are some of the links from the show:

The vineyard:

WSET wine diplomas:


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